About Lewis & Pine


Yali Lewis, Designer

Lewis & Pine Jewelry and Apothecary are created by New York-based artist Yali Lewis and inspired by modernist design and natural beauty. Yali creates her jewelry and apothecary collections by hand in her studio in Beacon, NY. The visual and sensory landscape of the Hudson Valley meet the architectural geometry and cultural richness of New York City in Yali's work.

To design Lewis & Pine's collections, Yali draws from her training as a painter and her years of working in museums, where she was inspired by influences as diverse as ancient Egyptian canopic jars and minimalist installations of the 1960's and 70's. Inspiration also comes from her travels and weekend hikes in the Catskill Mountains.

Yali uses sustainable materials like recycled sterling silver for her jewelry and all-vegetable coconut wax and essential oils for her candles. Lewis & Pine is committed to using high quality materials and ingredients, careful craftsmanship and responsible practices.

Where You Can Find Us

In addition to our online store, you can find Lewis & Pine at our brick and mortar location at 133 Main Street in Beacon, NY and at numerous juried craft fairs around the country. We have shown our work at the Bryant Park Holiday Village, Columbus Avenue Craft Fair, Renegade Craft Fair, Urban Craft Uprising, and many others. You can also find Lewis & Pine in shops and boutiques across the country.

Brooklyn Flea Crafty Bastards
Renegade Crafts Fair Urban Crafts Uprising