About Lewis & Pine

Who we are

Lewis & Pine Jewelry and Apothecary represents the work and vision of New York-based artist Yali Lewis. Trained formally as a painter and art historian, Yali draws inspiration from both modernist design and the simple elegance of nature to create both her jewelry and her apothecary products.

Where you can find us

Lewis & Pine’s flagship store is located at 133 Main Street in Beacon, NY, the heart of New York’s beautiful Hudson Valley.

In 2022, Lewis & Pine expanded from Beacon to neighboring Cold Spring, at 38 Main Street.

Our principles

  • Jewelry is an art form in its own right. In fact, jewelry is one of the earliest forms of artistic expression, dating back at least 100,000 years, long before cave paintings. Inspired both by modernist design principles and the elegance of forms from nature, Yali strives to create pieces that honor the richness of the creative field of jewelry.
  • We believe in wearability and comfort. Too often, we have to choose between fashion and comfort. We believe that’s a false choice. Our designs are lightweight and easy to wear, so you can be comfortable AND look awesome.
  • We commit to ethical sourcing and sustainability. We believe that we all have a responsibility to do our part to protect and conserve our environment. We source environmentally sustainable materials for our jewelry, scent products, and packaging. We are also committed to fair labor practices and hold our partners to the same high standard.

Our story

Yali got her first taste of metalsmithing when she was only 14 (apparently no one thought twice about handing a blow torch to a middle schooler) and she has been making jewelry ever since. Lewis & Pine is a family business that got its start when Yali’s husband Steve helped her launch the business with a Kickstarter campaign.

After the Kickstarter, we took Lewis & Pine on the road! In addition to taking up residence at the Brooklyn Flea, we participated in crafts fairs all across the country, from Seattle to Austin to Washington, D.C.! All throughout, Yali has continued to refine her designs and expand her collections.

In recent years, Yali and Steve moved from Brooklyn to Beacon, a thriving arts community in the heart of New York’s beautiful Hudson Valley, where we opened our first brick and mortar shop at the end of 2018. In addition to Lewis & Pine products, the boutique curates complementary work from artists working in other media such as ceramics and letterpress.

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